Black Gold…

Black Gold was commissioned to commemorate the oil prospecting days of my client’s father, and was ordered up as the perfect Christmas present.  The pipe is based on the triple headed drill bits commonly used for oil wells, or for piercing the heart of earth-threatening asteroids…

The stand is scratch-built from 435 pieces of basswood, the same wood often used to construct RC aircraft.  The base is cherry, and while I enjoy engraving I had the plaque professionally engraved by a local shop.  Nothing like a CNC engraver for crisp clean lettering.

Black Gold was a pleasure to work on as a project concept, and also knowing the special meaning it holds for its new owner.




















2 thoughts on “Black Gold…

  1. Exceptional. I work in the oil & gas industry, though not in the field. Field work is tough and dangerous, requiring dedication and constant focus. Your attention to detail is a tribute to the men and women who fuel our country.

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