Lurtz was commissioned by the guy who owns “Barahir” as the yin to the yang of the Aragorn themed pipe he currently enjoys.  What better character from The Lord of the Rings than Lurtz to complement the ring of Aragorn?  Lurtz, the Uruk Hai officer under the command of Saruman, and Aragorn clash in an epic battle that serves as a shadow of the dominant theme in Tolkien’s universe: that good ultimately prevails over evil, in spite of the apparent odds and setbacks.  This pipe is modeled after the film’s version of Lurtz, the facial expression a composite of several images available online.  The stand is based on Lurtz’s armor, and although not meant to be a direct copy of his torso serves as an extension of the Uruk Hai’s theme.  The pipe is briar, and the stand is wild cherry which smells quite nice while carving, btw.




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