Commissioned as a retirement gift for a friend of my client, the Viking captures the essence of what has become the standard Western perception of the fabled seafaring warriors.  Wild and shaggy with horned helmets.  In the course of my search for reference images I read that in all likelihood vikings were not unkempt and wild looking but probably a bit vain about their appearance as personal grooming items are the most often found artifacts in viking graves.  Also, no viking interested in combat success would wear horns on their helmets as that would just provide their enemies with something to grab onto.  However, a nicely groomed and hornless viking makes for a rather boring pipe, so we went with the modern stereotype.  The shipwrecked longboat stand does sport my adapted rendition of an actual viking figurehead discovered in a gravesite, so there is some semblance of authenticity provided here.  All in all, I love this pipe, and am sad to see it go… wouldn’t mind having this on display in my own home.

The briar is Italian, and the stem is German ebonite with an oak band.  The stand is basswood with a briar figurehead, and a piece of wild cherry serving as the prop piece for the pipe.



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