The first of hopefully a pair of pipes including possibly a Balrog pipe, Treebeard is my favorite pipe by far.  As a casual browsing of my pipes will reveal, I have a special interest in carving earthy, Lord of the Rings, root-themed pipes, and with Treebeard I feel like I have taken my conception of all of that up a few notches.  These pictures do not do justice to this pipe, or the extra detail I tried to incorporate.  With Treebeard, I decided to make the stem an extension of the theme of the rest of the pipe, rather than just make it smooth.  I tried to make the knobs look like old branches that had broken off, and studied quite a few images of gnarly bark to get Treebeard’s bark the way I envisioned.  It isn’t an exact replica of Treebeard as portrayed in the films, but it certainly captures the essence of that design.  There will be more images of Treebeard in a couple of weeks as I’ll be carving a stand for this pipe.

I also made a stand for this pipe – which you can see here – also be sure to check out the rest of my custom pipes.


10 thoughts on “Treebeard

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  2. That is absolutely brilliant. The stem alone is beautiful, and it fits in with the pipe perfectly.

  3. I would love to purchase one of these from you, can we please make arrangements?

  4. Another g’Ent from r/trees.

    I’d love to commission a piece if you feel like taking my money!

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