Fuimus – We have endured – The latin motto on the heraldic crest of the Bruce family.  This pipe was commissioned by a member of the Bruce family for his father for Father’s Day, and it is a near copy of his dad’s favorite pipe.  The original lacks the crest, which was added in the design process to give personal flair, and familial pride.  “Fuimus”, in keeping with the original, has a thumb groove along the top of the bowl, a feature that can be seen in detail in the last couple of images in this set.  Like all of my pipes so far, “Fuimus” is briar, the stem is vulcanite, and it is polished with carnuba wax.  For a complete selection of my pipe portfolio go the “The Pipes” page, linked at the top of this page.








3 thoughts on “Fuimus

  1. What is the function of a thumb groove and being able to cover the bowl? Great execution of the design, as usual!

  2. Bruce – as the proud owner and recipient of this pipe, I can tell you that I just have this thumb groove on a Ben Wade custom pipe and I have just found it very comfortable and useful to help hold and tamp. Best Father’s Day ever!!

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