The Chef

“The Chef” was commissioned as a gift for a friend’s brother who is passionate about the culinary arts.  During the design process the idea came up of a hand holding a knife with the knife representing the essence of cooking, and more importantly, that object that the giftee would most associate with his craft.  Developing a design that worked with the basic flow lines of a pipe was somewhat of a challenge, but I am pleased with the result, especially considering this is my first attempt at any part of human anatomy.  I had to keep the palm part kind of thick so that the bowl walls weren’t too thin, and the result is somewhat disproportionate.  The emblem on the butt of the knife handle is the “Shun” knife brand, which is the favorite of this pipe’s final owner.









3 thoughts on “The Chef

  1. That looks really good!! I am very happy with the way that turned out. The hand is carved better than I could draw it.

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