Shure 55

My latest… This one was made as a gift for my younger brother (on Twitter as vocalgeekery), who is an accomplished broadcaster, podcaster, etc. in the area of anything Tech. Keeping with my MO of drawing on the interests and passions of the future owner of my custom pipes, I picked an obvious aspect of broadcasting for main inspiration, and settled on one of the most iconic microphones, the Shure 55, as my model. This one is actually completely briar, the stem being made from a left over piece from a previous pipe.  There is light stain in the grooves to make them pop out a little, but other than that the only finish on the pipe is carnuba wax.  The tenon for the stem is actually a piece of vulcanite.  I decided on that because if a stem ever gets loose, or even too tight, vulcanite is extremely easy to manipulate.








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