Lurtz was commissioned by the guy who owns “Barahir” as the yin to the yang of the Aragorn themed pipe he currently enjoys.  What better character from The Lord of the Rings than Lurtz to complement the ring of Aragorn?  Lurtz, the Uruk Hai officer under the command of Saruman, and Aragorn clash in an epic battle that serves as a shadow of the dominant theme in Tolkien’s universe: that good ultimately prevails over evil, in spite of the apparent odds and setbacks.  This pipe is modeled after the film’s version of Lurtz, the facial expression a composite of several images available online.  The stand is based on Lurtz’s armor, and although not meant to be a direct copy of his torso serves as an extension of the Uruk Hai’s theme.  The pipe is briar, and the stand is wild cherry which smells quite nice while carving, btw.




Barahir is a briar churchwarden custom made for Doc Stogie Fresh of  In fact, this pipe is the featured pipe in an article published on Doc’s site called “How Custom Pipes Are Made.”  Doc is a Lord of the Rings enthusiast, and he approached me with the idea of carving Aragorn’s heirloom ring around the rim of the pipe bowl.  This is definitely one of my favorite pipes.

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Gandalf Replica…

This is a birthday present for my brother-in-law.  I wanted to try and duplicate the pipe that Gandalf smoked in the Lord of the Rings.  I wasn’t able to match the color perfectly, but it is close enough.  It has a briar bowl, and a poplar stem.  This is my first attempt at making a wooden stem, and I enjoyed the process.  I’m not as pleased with the way poplar takes on stain, so the next time I make a wooden stem I’m going to use another type of hardwood. It does have a ‘worn’ look, which Gandalf’s seems to have.

It isn’t a perfect duplicate, but there aren’t a whole lot of reference images online that provide good enough perspective.  I’m pleased with it overall.





The Bruce

“The Bruce” was commissioned by a friend, and incorporates some of the same designs as the “OKC” and “Ivy.”  The inscription around the rim is the same elvish inscription found on the “one ring” from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  “The Bruce” is a churchwarden briar, with an 8″ vulcanite stem.